942689_692306067462067_645937052_nWelcome to my personal blog. It is primarily on personal growth and entrepreneurship topics. My underlying philosophy is that entrepreneurship is an art that you cannot be taught, you can only learn.

Eighteen years ago, I suffered a serious career setback. I failed to get admission to the faculty of business to do a Bachelor of Commerce degree.  Instead, I got admission to study education at Kenyatta University.

Today I write, speak and train on business development and personal growth because after finishing my first degree, opportunities came for me to pursue my career. I continued to study business and entrepreneurship, did a diploma in business management, a Masters degree in Community Economic development, and the rest practically on the field.

My goal is to create and share content that inspires my readers to action, and that improves their personal and professional productivity.

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I offer coaching, training and consultancy on customer service, idea development and execution strategies to start-ups and existing small businesses .

I write a weekly column in Business Daily, a publication of Nation Media Group, every Tuesday. I am also the founder and CEO of Queenex Publishers, one of the fastest growing publishing firms in Kenya.

I have written more than a dozen books, among them, The Art of Entrepreneurship: Strategies to Win in a Competitive Market, Entrepreneurial Journey: From Employment to Business, and The Winning Character: Succeeding Where Others Fail.

You may contact me via murorikiunga@yahoo.com, on LinkedIn, or follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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    Hi Murori,

    I have been following up your articles on the Business Daily and I am persuaded that there is a lot we can do professionally.

    Kindly let me know when we can set up a meeting. Am available on telephone 0720698898.
    Looking forward to fruitful deliberations.

    Best regards.


  • Stephen Nyaga


    52149 I got most insight in stock market from your books. You are generous and resourceful.



    Iam a 4th year university student with a burning desire to venture into business .your books have been very resourceful and i thought just to say a thanks. REUBEN 0701481875

    • Murori Kiunga

      Thanks Reuben. I am happy to be appreciated.
      God bless you.

  • Goffrey


    I love your work, I have sent you an email from this address about something we can do together. Looking forward. Thank you.

  • Benson Wandeto


    Hello Mr. Kiunga ,
    I appreciate your effort and sacrifice to generously enrich many and enjoy the successful life ,despite the circumstances

    I did an email to you for common working .


  • Kenneth


    Impressing Mr murori.
    I got your book any one can win.
    I am impressed seeing in Uganda walking two days back. Hope to meet three months tomorrow.

  • Julia Maina


    Hi Mr Murori, mine is to appreciate the good work you are doing to us, I have just finished reading your book on “The seven pillars of Financial success” and its amazing. I recommend it to every student leaving college and the working people as well.

    Julia Maina

    • Murori Kiunga

      Thank you so much Julia for the feedback. I wish you all the best!

  • Battr Akram


    Thanks for the inspiration. Am by names of Batte Akram from Uganda, I have written a book but I lack support with it. If I can get help from you and advise me on how to publish it.

  • Rev Canon Charles Ndangi


    I agree with all the comments made by those who read these books.
    The one in particular that I read I can’t remember it’s title because a colleague took it and I can’t find the notes I had taken from it. I am really feeling a big loss. I bought it from THIKA Bookshop. Was it ‘HOW THE RICH USE THEIR MONEY?! OR USE THEIR WEALTH?!
    Rev Canon Charles Ndangi.
    Makueni County

    • Murori Kiunga

      Thank you so much Rev Canon Charles Ndangi. The book you may be referring to is ‘How the Rich Make Money and Keep It’.

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