Stop! Stopping is the first thing you should do immediately you are in doubt of where you are or discover you are lost. If you want to start your own business or you are in a business that is stuck and stagnant and you are wondering what to do, just stop.

Stopping helps you to think, find bearing and make an informed move. When people make decisions based on emotions, fear or desire to conform to peers, chances are odd that the decision will be optimal.   Stopping also helps you to pay attention and get feedback about your past actions or, inactions that have brought you to where you are. Your present situation is actually a feedback. It is the outcome of things you did or did not do in the past. Think about the following outcomes or feedback and tick the ones that apply to you.

1. You don’t like your job, your business and you wish you were somewhere else. 2. You have always felt that owning a business is your ultimate goal but you don’t know which or when to start. 3. You are in unfulfilling business, you have lost the initial inspiration and vigour, sales are low and you don’t know how to turn things around. 4. You don’t know whether or how much profit your business is making. 5. You are not able to save or even live the kind of live you would like to lead. 6. Most of your clients drive you nuts. Always pushy, later payment and very discontented lot. 7. You spend most of the time thinking about money, negotiating with financiers or suppliers to extent credit limit or period. 8. Your body is tired and weak, you feel like a caged animal. 9. You feel you are not harnessing your full potential, your skills and your passion by working in your business…wondering if you are really where you should be. 10. You cannot state precisely where you are now and where you want to be in few years time.

All these factors are feedback that something is not well in your life. It means there is something you are doing or not doing that is causing this sorry state of affairs.

If your goal is to find a job you like, start a business that gives you freedom and money, I can help you achieve that because I have been in your situation before, set similar goals and achieved all of them few years ago. But now I have another big goal to achieve – to help a million people achieve their goals. If you help me achieve this goal, I will help you achieve yours!

Book appointment with me now and I will take you through.


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