Globally, we are at the beginning of the end of the employment regime.

Majority of the people in schools and colleges will never find formal employment. Jobs are shrinking worldwide and people are going entrepreneurial.

Technology, one of the key drivers of the new order, has reduced reliance of heavy manpower in many sectors. Fortunately, it has also opened options for people to earn a living outside formal employment.

As a matter of fact, most jobs will be there only that they will assume a different form. For instance, jobs such as delivery, marketing, accounting, cleaning and customer care will be handled by freelancers, consultants or independent companies, some of them one-man company.

One of the must-have life skills is the entrepreneurial skills. Whether you are securely employed or in school, learning business skills is one of the smartest moves that guarantee your future.

Many employers are embracing technology faster than ever before. This ultimately leads to job loss in form of redundancy, retrenchment and early retirement.

Unless you have some basic skills, you could find yourself struggling to survive in a highly entrepreneurial world, should you lose your job.

Some employees with entrepreneurial skills have found their way back to their former employers after being edged out as freelancers, consultants or business partners.

Studies show most people like being entrepreneurs and feel would be happier and more productive working for themselves than working for somebody else.

So, what prevents people from starting their own ventures then? Well, many say lack of capital, but I would emphatically single out ignorance and its relatives — fear, lack of ideas and procrastination.

Contrary to what some people think, the single greatest ingredient of a successful business is the idea or the product, rather than capital. Many experts say most successful ventures attribute success more to the products they offered than the capital invested.

Most successful empires were not started with millions but by great ideas. We need more ideas than money. With ideas it is easy to get the seed capital to start any business.

The best idea is to seek a way of improving lives. The late Steve Jobs said throughout his life, his driving force was to change the world. Yes, to change the world for better and not to build a global brand or make millions.

This sums up the foundation of business success. Seek first to positively change people’s lives.


This article was first published on The Business Daily on January 22, 2018.

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