GET COACHED BY Murori Kiunga
These are exclusive consulting and private sessions with Murori Kiunga done over a period of six months either face to face, via phone, Skype or email, with weekly practical exercises and reviews on your progress.

An appreciable level of clarity coupled with your ability to make excellent decisions are the key fundamentals of success in whatever path you choose in life.

Having a trusted and dedicated coach who can offer you different ideas and perspectives on your business and personal circumstances can help you  see things clearly and make better decisions most of the time.

Murori Kiunga, the founder of Queenex Publishers and author of fifteen business and personal development books and hundreds of columns in the media, has consulted, trained, coached and worked with employed people transiting from employment to business, start-up business entrepreneurs, corporate staff and several individuals on one on one basis as well as a group.

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