In your pursuit of wealth and happiness, education is your greatest weapon. To be well armed to counter any assault, focus on learning first then making money.

Many people rush to earn and accumulate wealth at the beginning and fail to build a foundation to protect them against the enemies who might strike without warning.

It is said if a millionaire goes bankrupt they will nearly always be able to get it back. This is because, even though they might have lost their money, they have one deadly weapon: the knowledge and resilience to bounce back.

The enemy may strike in form of loss of job, loss of business, loss of money and so on. This is why personal investment…in form of empowering yourself with various relevant skills is the best. Your ability to make money is more important than the money you have in the bank or the cheque you receive every month.

Fortunately there are so many opportunities of creating wealth in the world today. Whereas the average person sees disruptions, loss of jobs, problems, uncertainties and panic, a smart person sees opportunities!  opportunities!

Wealth is like fish..So abundant yet so rare! My friend who is a marine scientist told me there are more fish and edible animals than all edible plants and animals on land. Yet people are dying of hunger.

Why? Getting fish out of water is not easy. It requires skills and knowledge and most people prefer to keep a goat for a year to sell its meat at 500 bob a kilo than learn how to fish and sell a one day catch at 700 bob a kilo.

Fortunately, wealth skills are abundantly available at the cost of table salt. In most cases all you need to invest is your time to read if you have free internet. However, even if it means paying for it, nothing compares to the gains you get.

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