I met Chris, a line manager, at one of the respected local companies, playing a computer game in his office.

“You have a very good job and employer if you have time to play games when most us are sweating to meet targets,” I poked him. We are acquaintances and joke often.

“Last year I exceeded my target by double digits, and guess what reward I got from my employer?” he said.

“A fat bonus and a paid family holiday. You are dead wrong my friend!” He exclaimed.

“What’s your plan then?” I asked.

“A bigger target this year. I want to work hard so that I can get a bigger reward next year.”

In all these jokes, I gathered a lot.

Many employees feel quite unappreciated by their employers. Some even feel they work to make a wealthy employer become wealthier as they themselves age and become poorer.

I have heard a number of employees complain that they work for their employer, landlord and the shopkeeper.

On the other hand, some employers feel they pay so much to employees who deliver very little and have to be pressured with targets, supervision and threats to work.

This kind of relationship hurts both parties, more so the employer. Employees with time develop ways of delivering what is in their view, commensurate with what they are paid and use the remaining energy either working part-time elsewhere or relaxing.

Smart entrepreneurs know the biggest asset and leverage that a firm can have is hardworking and dedicated employees. Your success in business almost entirely depends on your ability to get good employees to push your agenda in the market place.

Managing people is not easy but if your success depends on it, you do it wholeheartedly.

One way of managing people is motivating them to do what you want done. A motivated person is able to work unreservedly, exuding a contagious enthusiasm to those around them.

Psychologists say one of the deepest desires that is at the core of every individual is appreciation.

Appreciation is the foundation upon which all other things that make one feel motivated and productive rests.

As a business owner, it is upon you to do everything possible to ensure your employees are motivated and don’t feel as if they work for you.

When employees lack motivation at work, they become stressful and jealous of your success. This can easily make your entire team unmanageable and strike a fatal blow to overall productivity and bottom line.

There are several things that demotivate employees, and among the top is working hard and instead of getting more in terms appreciation, financial gains or promotion, they get more work or responsibilities. Employees need to be paid according to the productivity of the company. If the company makes more money, they need to get commensurate pay or bonus. But wait, what if a company makes losses and the employer is unable to give benefits?

This article was first published in The Business Daily on April 16, 2019.
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