As an author I often meet people who claim to have lots of ideas and desire to write books but lack time.

Others also tell me they can make money and improve their lives through consultancy, side business or acquiring certain skills only if they had time.

It seems that most employed as well as business people suffer more stress from lack of time than lack of money. Put in other words, they know how to make money and accomplish great things but lack time.

Perhaps you are in this category. You feel there are so many things craving for your attention. You feel you have potential to improve your business or life in many ways but you don’t have enough time.

You don’t have time to farm on your idle land, do a side business; connect more with customers and friends; read more books and so on. You feel overwhelmed with too much to do and very little time to do it.

We must appreciate that despite advancement of technology and presumed ability to do much more with ease and speed, we crave for more time. Technology itself is a huge time consumer.

We are spending more time on emails, social media, surfing and messaging.

In our places of work, competition, budget cuts, staff reduction or lack of competent staff among other things pile to-do things on in-trays every day.

There are two remedies to this time poverty. First you must become a time management expert. This is perhaps the most important skill every manager, business owner or employee can learn today for advancement to take place.

We all have equal time but some spend theirs in different ways and this leads to different levels of accomplishment. The simplest tool of time management that is easy to develop and use is a to-do-list.

Having a prepared list of things to do, preferably prepared a day in advance makes your life organised and helps you accomplish more.

Time management is a learnable tool and unfortunately those managers and business owners who are too busy to find time to learn continue to work and live in captivity.

Time management today is one of the most rewarding of all management tools that will give you a remarkable competitive advantage. It is more important than a dozen of other things.

Secondly you must set a list of your priorities. The ability to set aside what is truly important at every moment of your life and to concentrate on it is the hallmark of success.

Two questions you need to answer on priorities: what is the best use of my time now and what are the most important things in my life now?

Failure to manage time is a silent killer of success.

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