Some years ago, I was introduced to a gym by a friend. On the first day I did some good workout that impressed even the coach.

However, the following day I had difficulties waking up, walking, and even laughing. Every part of my body that could ache was aching. So I stayed away from the gym for about four days to recover. When I showed up the fifth day, my coach looked at me and told me that if I wanted to get benefits from the gym, consistency was more important than intensity.

As I reflected on his simple advice, I discovered that actually it’s not only in the gym where consistency is king. In business and in almost all aspects of our lives, we need consistency more than intensity to get quality results and breakthrough.

In school we were told that it is not reading overnight when exams are around the corner that makes a student excel. On the contrary, it is studying consistently throughout the term. ­­

Finance experts tell us that we can improve our financial wellness by saving consistently, however little the amount, rather than saving a large amount of money sporadically.

Processes like customer care, prospecting, sales and marketing are supposed to be done regularly and consistently to get results.

Every time you find that things are not working well in your business or life, you need to find out a few things that if done consistently would turn around your situation.

Most of the time you find your enterprise is shaking because of a crack or weakness in one key pillar. It could be your sales promotion, your prospecting, your product development or spending habits that need to be given consistent attention.

Right away if you paused and asked yourself one question and answered it correctly, you can easily change your life in a way that can only be described as miraculous. The question is: What is the one consistent thing or behaviour that I know if I implemented consistently could lead to a breakthrough in my business or life?

Basically, it does not need to be a mega thing. It could be as simple as writing two pages daily for those who aspire to be authors; making few sales calls per day, saving a little amount of money every month, praying daily for spiritual health or observing a healthy lifestyle daily.

Nothing is more important than consistency in pursuit of any goal in life. It is your consistency and commitment to your goal, not necessarily your intensity that will bring victory. Intensity is only good if it is accompanied by consistency.

One key enemy of success is the bad habits that we often struggle to get rid of. The only known cure for bad habits is replacing them with good habits which must be practised consistently until they become part of our character.

This article was first published in The Business Daily on October 29, 2019.

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